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Seattle Fashion Incubator has received resounding support from local industry insiders, peers from around the country and the press.  Take a look at some of the great coverage below.
June, 2015
Stitch and Awe, Page 52 Seattle Met Magazine
April 29, 2015
The Seattle Fashion Incubator Wants to Help Local Designers Build Their Own Businesses
March 25, 2015
Mapping Seattle’s Incubators, Accelerators, and Co-Working Spaces
March 24, 2015
Big Lawns, Big Houses, Small Companies
March 18, 2015
Renton’s Seattle Fashion Incubator Continues to Grow
June 7, 2014
Seattle Fashion Incubator Finds New Home in Renton
May 22, 2014
Fashion Incubator Leader Wants Veterans to Learn to Sew
March 18, 2014
SFI & EII form pact to support Seattle apparel start-ups
March 5, 2014
Johnson’s EII Announces Strategic Alliance with Seattle Fashion Incubator
Jan/Feb 2014
Glorious Bastard Pg. 88 – Sportswear International
December 23, 2013
TACK Magazine Interview – The Seattle Fashion Incubator
Seattle Fashion Incubator in Bella NYC Magazine

SFI Imgage in lower left courtesy of Radford Creative.

November/December 2013

Fashion’s Next Big Thing: The Fashion Incubator
September 20, 2013
Developing the Region’s Fashion Industry Cluster
September 9, 2013
Group Seeks to Lure Fashion Industry Businesses to Renton
Group Aiming to Turn Renton into Fashion Industry Hub
August 28, 2013
Seattle Takes Steps to Create a Garment District
Seattle is Ready for a Garment District
Seattle Fashion Incubator Forms Garment District Advisory Board
April 17, 2013
Seattle Boasts Nations 4th Largest Fashion Design Economy
March 12, 2013
Built in Seattle™ Project Promotes Seattle Garment District
December 14, 2012
Fashion Faces
July 5, 2011
Fashion Enthusiast Hopes to Build Garment Distric in Seattle
July 2, 2011
The News Chick radio show
June 22, 2011
Seattle Fashion Incubator Helps Emerging Designers Succeed
May 23, 2011
Fashion In Seattle
April 21, 2011
Seattleite Q & A
April 15, 2011
Seattle Fashion Incubator – Taking Steps to Create a Garment District in Seattle
December 31, 2010
Dress Code: The Good, Bad and Ugly 2011
December 9, 2010
What is Seattle Fashion?
October 31, 2010
Fashion Weak
October 28, 2010
New Study: Washington Fashion and Apparel Industry Strong, Poised for Growth