Jewelry Trends for 2013

Jewelry has trends just like those seen in the fashion world. Materials, patterns and even colors go in and out of style with consumers. If you familiarize yourself with the upcoming trends for 2013 now, you`ll be ahead of everyone else when it comes to knowing what`s in style for the year.

fashion jewelry trends 2013

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The antique look, particularly from the Victorian era, is making an appearance on the runways already. Many designers, including Oscar de le Renta, use Victorian inspired pieces, mainly in metallic hues, such as gold and bronze.


Geometric shapes have made a comeback this year but not in the colorful and random style you may associate with the 1980’s. The emphasis on geometric shapes in jewelry has been clean and repeating patterns, with basic colors, such as black and silver.


Neon, another 1980`s staple, is also making its reappearance in a different form. Neon-blocking, in which a neon color is splashed or accented in a piece along with a more basic color, is a trend that just keeps getting hotter.

Rose Gold

Rose gold is a colored gold that has a slight pinkish hue, hence the name. Less bright and often considered more feminine than typical gold, rose gold has been appearing in different jewelry types for women, from watches to necklaces and earrings. Rose gold is also becoming a popular metal to mix with other materials, such as silver or traditional gold, in the same piece.

Link Chains

Metal link chains were briefly popular in the early 1990s. The chains we`re seeing trending today are often more simple than the chains of the past. Gold and silver chain bracelets with a small stone or charm are hot right now, with chain widths varying from thin to very thick.

Cuff Bracelets

Cuff bracelets, designed to mimic the cuff of a shirt, offer a look of elegance and convenience. Cuffs are easy to take on and off, unlike some other bracelet types with locking mechanisms. While there are different types of cuff bracelets available, the most popular design is simple blends of color and metal, such as black and gold.


The southwest look, with bold, chunky silvers and turquoise, started appearing in late 2012. Turquoise is becoming especially popular in all types of jewelry, from necklaces to earrings and bracelets. Colorful patterns, also associated with the southwest, are also becoming more popular in women`s pieces.


Emeralds may just be this year`s diamond. The demand for more of the dark green stone has led emeralds to make an appearance in many designer pieces. Although pairing emerald with silver is more common, the versatile stone is also making an appearance in gold and bronze pieces.


Pieces with weight are a surprising but hot trend in jewelry. Weight does not necessarily mean clunky. In fact, many of these pieces are simple and elegant but with more metal than usually used. The weight trend gives the pieces a more expensive look, while providing the wearer with reassurance.

Another way to identify trends is to follow what people are making. Jewelry piece providers, such as Cookson Gold, sell what consumers are currently looking for in their jewelry.

Author: Steven Matsumoto

Steven Paul Matsumoto is the founder of Seattle Fashion Incubator, and an active member of the Seattle business community. Currently Mr. Matsumoto sits on Advisory Boards for the University of Washington Fashion Certificate Program, and the Trade Development Alliance of Greater Seattle.

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