The Last Pair of Sunglasses You’ll Ever Need

JBird Collective of Portland, Oregon takes pride in United States manufacturing and greatly respects those who are committed to it. Using traditional leather working techniques, and sustainable production processes JBird has introduced a line of 100% leather sunglasses.

JBird Collective PortlandWhy Leather? Arguably the most diverse material in the world, no man-made fabric has the abrasion resistance, unique aging qualities, and molding capabilities found in all natural leather. We capitalized on these capabilities to make a piece that would last longer, and wear with more personality than other sunglasses you’ve owned.

How Are They Made? Carefully. Through extensive experimentation we’ve developed a technique of layering leather to create precisely shaped frames. This keeps leather’s unique tactile feel and characteristics, and allows them to wear according to use and to naturally tan in the sun like all vegetable tanned leather products.

How Do They Feel? A little bit like the sunglasses you already have, a little bit like you’ve never felt before. More flexible than traditional composite or metal frames, they flex more but return to their shape while maintaining the valuable feel and appearance of leather as mentioned earlier.

Want to own a pair of these trendy, new, leather sunglasses? Head over to JBird’s Kickstarter® campaign to support them, and pre-order yours today.

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